[Neuroinfo] 3 open PhD psoitions at the Neuroinformatics Lab at the Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Osnabrück, Germany

Prof. Dr. Gordon Pipa gpipa at uos.de
Wed Aug 13 18:09:18 CEST 2014

The Neuroinformatics Research Group (Prof. Dr. Gordon Pipa) of the Institute
of Cognitive Science invites applications for 

3 Research Assistants (PhD student level), (Salary level E 13 TV-L 50%) to
be filled as soon as possible for a period of three years. The position
allows for further scientific qualification. 


We invite applicants that are interested in research in Neuroinformatics,
with an emphasis on dynamical systems, machine learning, virtual reality,
computational linguistics and electrophysiology. Candidates will participate
in a highly international PhD program on cognitive science (with >40
currently enrolled students) and interdisciplinary research projects that
can involve cooperation with other disciplines of our institute. Candidates
should be highly motivated to understand the structure of neuronal coding
and neuronal representations. To study this, we involve different research
strategies that range from the development of highly sophisticated data
analysis strategies, to modelling of neuronal processes on the level of
recurrent networks. 


The qualification profile of the candidates can range from a purely
mathematical neuroscientist, a dynamical systems researcher to
interdisciplinary candidates that share interest in performing experiments
with the virtual reality combined with EEG and sophisticated machine
learning-based analysis of recorded activity (at
http://ikw.uni-osnabrueck.de/en/ni/publications you find an overview of
recent research topics). 


Description of Responsibilities: 

The successful candidate will be involved in several research projects that
range from BSc to MSc projects. The position also involves teaching
Cognitive Science courses at BSc and MSc level 

(2 hours/week). 


Required Qualifications: 

Candidates are expected to have an excellent academic degree
(Master/diploma). Applicants should have an excellent knowledge in the field
of machine learning, i.e. generalized linear and state space models, kernel
methods, reservoir computing and deep learning. Experience or a strong
interest in the fields of complex systems, computational neurosciences,
dynamical systems theory and the concepts to study these, i.e. bifurcation
and stability analysis, and delay- coupled differential equations,
measurements of complexity, are encouraged. Experience or a strong interest
in experimental methods such as EEG, and virtual reality are highly welcome.
In addition, a strong interest or experience in the estimation of causal
interactions from time series is welcome. 


As a certified family-friendly institution, Osnabrück University is
committed to furthering the compatibility between work/studies and family


As an employer, Osnabrück University is particularly concerned with creating
equal opportunities for women and men. Women with relevant qualifications
are therefore strongly encouraged to apply for the position. Preference will
be given to women with equal qualifications. Furthermore, qualified
applicants with disabilities will be favored. 


Applications with the usual documentation, including two letters of
recommendation, should be submitted by e-mail in a single PDF file to the
Director of the Institute of Cognitive Science
(office at ikw.uni-osnabrueck.de) no later than 08.09.2014. An electronic copy
should be sent to Prof. Dr. Gordon Pipa (gpipa at uni-osnabrueck.de) who can
also be contacted for further information. 



Professor and Chair of the Neuroinformatics Department

Dr. rer. nat. Gordon Pipa

Institute of Cognitive Science, Room 31/404 

University of Osnabrueck

Albrechtstr. 28, 49069 Osnabrueck, Germany 

tel.                    +49 (0) 541-969-2277    

fax (private).  +49 (0) 5405- 500 80 98

home office.  +49 (0) 5405- 500 90 95

e-mail:                <mailto:gpipa at uos.de> gpipa at uos.de

webpage:          <http://www.ni.uos.de/> http://www.ni.uos.de

research gate:

google scholar:  <http://scholar.google.de/citations?user=joR6mgEAAAAJ>


Personal Assistent and Secretary of the Neuroinformatics lab:

Anna Jungeilges 

Tel. +49 (0)541 969-2390 
Fax +49 (0)541 969-2246 
Email:  <mailto:anna.jungeilges at uni-osnabrueck.de>
anna.jungeilges at uni-osnabrueck.de


visit us on 


 <https://twitter.com/#!/CogSciUOS> https://twitter.com/#!/CogSciUOS




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