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 Brains, Minds and Machines

*Course Date:* August 13 – September 3, 2015


*Directors:* L. Mahadevan <http://www.seas.harvard.edu/softmat/>, Harvard
University; and Tomaso Poggio <http://cbcl.mit.edu/cbcl/>, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology

This intensive three-week course will give advanced students a “deep end”
introduction to the problem of intelligence – how the brain produces
intelligent behavior and how we may be able to replicate intelligence in
machines. Today’s AI technologies, such as Watson and Siri and Deep
Learning, are impressive, but their domain specificity and reliance on vast
numbers of labeled examples are obvious limitations; few view this as
brain-like or human intelligence. The synergistic combination of cognitive
science, neurobiology, engineering, mathematics, and computer science holds
the promise to build much more robust and sophisticated algorithms
implemented in intelligent machines *and* to begin understanding how the
brain produces the mind. The goal of this course is to help produce a
community of leaders that is equally knowledgeable in neuroscience,
cognitive science, and computer science.

The first half of the course will focus on the intersection between
biological and computational aspects of learning and vision. The second
half will focus on high-level social cognition and artificial intelligence,
as well as audition, speech and language processing. Throughout the course,
students will participate in tutorials to gain hands on experience with
these topics. The course will culminate with student projects on a chosen
aspect of the problem of intelligence.

Course instructors will include:

Tomaso Poggio

Gabriel Kreiman

Nancy Kanwisher

Winrich Freiwald

Matt Wilson

Josh Tenenbaum

Liz Spelke

Boris Katz

L Mahadevan

Jim DiCarlo

Aude Oliva

Gabriel Kreiman
gkreiman at gmail.com
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