[Neuroinfo] IJNS Special Issue Call for Papers for "IWSP7: Epilepsy Mechanisms, Models, Prediction & Control"

Levin Kuhlmann levink at unimelb.edu.au
Thu Apr 2 07:01:44 CEST 2015

The International Journal of Neural Systems (IJNS; Impact Factor 6.056) will be publishing a special issue on work presented at the 7th International Workshop on Seizure Prediction "IWSP7: Epilepsy Mechanisms, Models, Prediction & Control" (www.iwsp7.org<http://www.iwsp7.org>) that will be held in Melbourne, Australia, during 3-6 August 2015.

The IJNS Special Issue and "IWSP7: Epilepsy Mechanisms, Models, Prediction & Control" will focus on the engineering and science of epilepsy, covering basic mechanisms and imaging, computational modeling for analysis and prediction, and feedback control of epilepsy. Three key themes will be addressed. (1) Seizure prediction from months-to-years long recordings. (2) Model-based data assimilation for time series analysis, neuro-intervention, and feedback control. (3) Multi-modal neuroimaging and computational modelling to assess the spatial origin of seizures and the epileptic network at multiple scales. The following traditional IWSP themes will also be covered: automated seizure detection, prediction and control, seizure physiology mechanisms at multiple scales, high frequency oscillations, epileptic networks, and computational modeling of epilepsy.

The call for papers for the special issue can be downloaded from the conference website at the following link:
As described in the call for papers, invited speakers and researchers submitting the best abstracts to the IWSP7 conference will be invited to submit a manuscript by the IJNS editor-in-chief, Prof. Hojjat Adeli, and the guest editors, Dr Levin Kuhlmann, Prof. Mark J. Cook and Prof. David B. Grayden.

We look forward to seeing you at IWSP7!

On behalf of the local IWSP7 organizing committee
Levin Kuhlmann, PhD
David B. Grayden, PhD
Mark J. Cook, MD
Anthony N. Burkitt, PhD
Dean R. Freestone, PhD
Tatiana Kameneva, PhD
Alan Lai, PhD
Elma O'Sullivan-Greene, PhD
Andre Peterson, BSc (hons)
Email: organizingcommittee at iwsp7.org<mailto:organizingcommittee at iwsp7.org>
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