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Dear Colleagues,

As many of you have been aware of, yesterday the BigNeuron project (
 https://alleninstitute.org/bigneuron <https://alleninstitute.org/bigneuron>
 and http://bigneuron.org ) was formally announced by Allen Institute for
Brain Science and 12 other partner organizations worldwide.

We will welcome and encourage your participation, especially contribution
of your neuron reconstruction and analysis algorithms.

Please consider attending one of the upcoming hackathons at Cambridge Univ,
UK, and Janelia of HHMI, USA. The detail can be seen at the end. Please
note that the application deadlines are very close, so respond quickly

If you have a question, please reply to bigneuronproject at gmail.com or
bigneuron at alleninstitute.org (for better tracking).

Look forward to working with you in BigNeuron!


Hanchuan Peng, Ph.D.

Giorgio Ascoli, Ph.D.
Erik Meijering , Ph.D.

On behalf of the

BigNeuron Consortium



BigNeuron Hackathons: Call For Participation

The mission of the BigNeuron project (http://bigneuron.org) is to define
and advance the state-of-the-art of single neuron reconstruction, an
essential unsolved challenge in brain science. BigNeuron is a community
effort to both standardize the methods to generate high quality and
consistent neuron reconstructions, and mobilize the reconstruction
community to generate interest in solving these complex and interesting
algorithmic problems.

With the big success of our first BigNeuron hackathon kicked off in Beijing
March 16-20, 2015, we are now looking forward to meeting more researchers
in the neuron reconstruction community at the upcoming two hackathons at
Cambridge University, UK, and Janelia Research Campus of HHMI, USA

Each BigNeuron hackathon will be a one-week (5 days) long event made up of
very intensive and productive programming work together with some of the
world experts in the neuron reconstruction and analysis fields. There will
also be intensive discussion of some of the cutting edge neuronal image
data and related techniques. The events will result in some major science
publications and new tools in the neuroinformatics field, and will also
contribute to making new and fruitful connections among various groups.

Cambridge Hackathon

The cambridge hackathon will be held at the Cambridge University in UK,
during May 4-8, 2015. It is sponsored by University of Cambridge (both the
department of neuroscience and advanced imaging center there), Europe's
Human Brain Project, Wellcome Trust (UK), and Allen Institute for Brain
Science, USA. The application deadline is *April 10th, 2015*.

Janelia Hackathon

The Janelia hackathon will be sponsored and held at Janelia Research Campus
of HHMI in USA, during June 1-5, 2015. The application deadline is *April
25th, 2015*.

Here are some more details about the registration and logistics, if you
haven’t registered.  Please feel free to spread the word and we are looking
forward to your participation!

Application, Registration and Logistics

There is no registration fee for BigNeuron hackathons. BigNeuron will cover
hotel rooms for one week and meals. The attendee needs to arrange his/her
own flights/travel to the hackathon sites. Due to the limited resources to
enable the intensive and productive programming and discussion during these
hackathons, BigNeuron will be able to accept only a selected number of
applications to participate in the events. The selection criterion for
applications to attend a hackathon will be based on whether or not the
applicants would directly contribute to the project by porting their neuron
tracing/reconstruction methods for bench-testing, and other related neuron
analysis algorithms during the hackathon events. If your application for
participation is accepted, we can also provide a formal invitation letter
if needed for visa application.

Please email bigneuronproject at gmail.com to apply before the aforementioned
deadlines, with a brief introduction about your research background and why
you want to participate.


For more information of the BigNeuron project, visit http://bigneuron.org.
The FAQ page may answer most of the common questions. More questions should
be directly sent to either bigneuronproject at gmail.com or
bigneuron at alleninstitute.org .
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