[Neuroinfo] IWSP7/ME at MBC talks now online

Levin Kuhlmann levink at unimelb.edu.au
Thu Dec 10 10:19:18 CET 2015

A selection of the talks from "IWSP7: Epilepsy Mechanisms, Models, Prediction & Control" and the overlapping "Melbourne Epilepsy" (ME at MBC) meeting held at the University of Melbourne, Australia, during 3-7 August 2015 are now online on the IWSP7 YouTube Channel at the following link:


Relive the action, or share it with your friends or colleagues.

On behalf of the local organizing committee
Levin Kuhlmann, PhD
David B. Grayden, PhD
Mark J. Cook, MD
Anthony N. Burkitt, PhD
Dean R. Freestone, PhD
Tatiana Kameneva, PhD
Alan Lai, PhD
Elma O'Sullivan-Greene, PhD
Andre Peterson, PhD
Email: organizingcommittee at iwsp7.org<mailto:organizingcommittee at iwsp7.org>
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