[Neuroinfo] Strasbourg workshop 7-9 December 2015

Stephen Eglen S.J.Eglen at damtp.cam.ac.uk
Tue May 19 17:58:00 CEST 2015

  From Maps to Circuits:
  Models and Mechanisms for Generating Neural Connections


  7-9 December 2015

  Strasbourg, France

Understanding the development of the nervous system is a key challenge
that has been approached by both experimental and theoretical
neuroscientists. In recent years there has been a gradual move towards
the two groups working more with each other. The idea of this workshop
is to bring key people together who have shown an interest at
combining theoretical and experimental techniques to discuss current
problems in neuronal development, and plan future collaborative
efforts. Time at the end of each day will be devoted to a group
discussion about questions that have been raised during the day to
identify possible research directions and people willing to pursue

This meeting follows on from our first meeting on this theme held in
Edinburgh, July 2014 (details at http://maps2014.org); a special issue
of Developmental Neurobiology was devoted to papers related to work
presented at this meeting, see

Confirmed speakers

    Jianhua Cang (Northwestern University)
    Claudia Clopath (Imperial College London),
    Robert Datta (Harvard Medical School)
    Stephen Eglen (University of Cambridge)
    Marla Feller (University California Berkeley)
    Patricia Gaspar (École des Neurosciences de Paris)
    David Holcman (École Normale Supérieure Paris)
    Andrew Huberman (University California San Diego)
    Siegrid Löwel (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)
    Christian Lohmann (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience)
    Till Marquardt (European Neuroscience Institute, Göttingen)
    Filippo Rijli (Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel)
    Jennifer Rodger (University of Western Australia)
    Charles Stevens (Salk Institute)


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