[Neuroinfo] PhD positions in Computational Neuroscience and Statistical Analysis of Neural Data at UConn

Ian Stevenson ian.h.stevenson at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 19:00:53 CET 2015

The Statistical Neuroscience Lab at the University of Connecticut is
recruiting PhD students to start Fall 2016. Candidates will be working
closely with experimental collaborators to develop methods for
modeling neural dynamics, interactions, and plasticity from
large-scale spike train data.

Qualifications: Our work is highly interdisciplinary, and applicants
must have strong quantitative skills. Previous experience with
neuroscience is helpful but not necessary. Candidates with backgrounds
in physics, statistics, computer science, engineering, and related
areas are welcome to apply.

Applying: Interested students should apply through the UConn
Psychological Sciences (http://grad.psych.uconn.edu/) or Biomedical
Engineering (http://www.bme.uconn.edu/academics/graduate-program) PhD
programs. Deadlines are Dec 1 for Psych and Jan 1 for BME.

Contact ian.stevenson at uconn.edu for more information

Ian Stevenson
Assistant Professor
University of Connecticut

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