[Neuroinfo] Fruit Fly Brain Observatory (FFBO)

Aurel A. Lazar aurel at ee.columbia.edu
Tue Dec 20 21:59:28 CET 2016

We would like to announce that we have released a unique open source
platform for investigating fruit fly brain function, in both healthy and diseased
brains. Our early version of the FFBO is at: http://fruitflybrain.org <http://fruitflybrain.org/> 

The Fruit Fly Brain Observatory
(i) integrates within a single database, genetic, anatomical,
neurophysiological data with computational models. It provides
location, morphology, connectivity and biophysical properties of
every neuron,
(ii) is equipped with powerful executable tools for circuit generation,
numerical simulation and user-friendly query and visualization,
(iii) automatically generates models of the fly brain that can be
simulated efficiently using multiple Graphics Processing Units.

There are three main features of the FFBO:
NeuroNLP, NeuroGFX and NeuroAPPs.

NeuroNLP is natural language user interface
for querying the NeuroArch fly brain database.

NeuroGFX is a programming interface that automatically
translates biological and modeling data into executable
code that can be run on a local or cloud-based GPU servers.

NeuroAPPs host integrated healthy and diseased models
applications of the fruit fly brain.

Our project The Fruit Fly Brain Observatory http://fruitflybrain.org <http://fruitflybrain.org/>
is  one of six finalists in the Open Science Prize Competition
https://www.openscienceprize.org <https://www.openscienceprize.org/>. We are a collaborative effort
between Columbia University, National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan,
and University of Sheffield, UK.

It would be great if you can let people know about the competition
and get them to hopefully vote for us at http://event.capconcorp.com/wp/osp/ <http://event.capconcorp.com/wp/osp/> :-)
http://www.bionet.ee.columbia.edu <http://www.bionet.ee.columbia.edu/>

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