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48 hours until we close applications for the #isi2018 on August 15th at 23:59 Pacific Time <https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20170815T235959&p0=1033&msg=#isiCNI2018&font=cursive> .


APPLY NOW <http://tinyurl.com/yc6zbvpo>

A Course to strengthen African Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience.

from 7 - 28 January 2018, Muizenberg Beach, Cape Town, South Africa
http://isicni.gatsby.ucl.ac.uk <http://isicni.gatsby.ucl.ac.uk/>


http://isicni.gatsby.ucl.ac.uk/img/poster2018c.png <http://isicni.gatsby.ucl.ac.uk/img/poster2018c.png>

The #isiCNI2018 is a southern hemisphere summer school aiming to promote computational neuroscience in Africa. It will bring together international and local students under the tutelage of the world's leading experts in the field. Like its international sister courses, this three-week summer school aims to teach central ideas, methods, and practices of modern computational neuroscience through a combination of lectures and hands-on project work. Mornings will be devoted to lectures on topics across the breadth of experimental and computational neuroscience. The rest of the day will be spent working on research projects under the close supervision of expert tutors and faculty. Individual research projects will focus on the modelling of neurons, neural systems, behaviour, the analysis of state-of-the-art neural data, and the development of theories to explain experimental observations.

Who should apply?
This course is aimed at Masters and PhD level students though Honours or Postdoctoral students may also apply. Students should sufficient quantitative skills, (e.g. a background in mathematics, physics, computer science, statistics, engineering or related field). Some knowledge of neural biology will be useful but not essential. Experimental neuroscience students are encouraged to apply, but should ensure that they have a reasonable level of quantitative proficiency (i.e. at least second-year level mathematics or statistics and have done at least one course in computer programming).

Please distribute this information as widely as you can.

Essential details
* Fee (which covers tuition, lodging, and meals): 1100 EUR
* Generous scholarships and travel stipends are available based on merit and need
* Application deadline: 15th August 2017
* Notification of results: End of September 2017

Information and application
http://isicni.gatsby.ucl.ac.uk <http://isicni.gatsby.ucl.ac.uk/>

Application form
http://tinyurl.com/yc6zbvpo <http://tinyurl.com/yc6zbvpo>

isicn.imbizo at gmail.com <mailto:isicn.imbizo at gmail.com>

What is an Imbizo?
\ɪmˈbiːzɒ\ | Xhosa - Zulu
A gathering of the people to share knowledge.

Larry Abbott - Columbia University
Adrienne Fairhall - Washington University
Peter Latham - University College London
Blake Richards - University of Toronto
Eve Marder* - Brandeis University
Timothy Lillicrap - Google DeepMind
Mate Lengyel - University of CambridgeJoseph Raimondo - University of Cape Town
Yiota Poirazi - Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas
Srikanth Ramaswamy - EPFL Lausanne
Tim Vogels - University of Oxford
Byron Yu - Carnegie Mellon University
and special guests, to be announced

Alex Antrobus (Gatsby Unit, UCL)
Athanasia Papoutsi (Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas)
William Podladski (University of Oxford )
Friedemann Zenke (Stanford University / University of Oxford)
Agostina Palmigiano (Universität Göttingen)
Katharina Wilmes (Imperial College London)
(* = not confirmed)

Peter Latham (Gatsby Unit for Computational Neuroscience, UCL, UK)
Joseph Raimondo (University of Cape Town, South Africa)
Tim Vogels (University of Oxford, UK)

The isiCNI is made possible by the generous support from the Simons Foundation (https://www.simonsfoundation.org <https://www.simonsfoundation.org/>), IBRO, the International Brain Research Organisation (http://ibro.info <http://ibro.info/>), and the Wellcome Trust (wellcome.ac.uk <http://wellcome.co.uk/>)

Organizational Affiliates
University of Cape Town, University College London, University of Oxford, TReND in Africa <http://trendinafrica.org/>, CNCB <http://www.cncb.ox.ac.uk/>, Gatsby Foundation <http://www.gatsby.org.uk/>, IBRO African Center for Advanced Training in Neurosciences at UCT

Dr Tim Vogels
Sir Henry Dale Research Fellow, Associate Professor
Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour and Oriel College
Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics
University of Oxford
Mansfield Road
Oxford, OX1 3SR
http://cncb.ox.ac.uk <http://cncb.ox.ac.uk/>
http://www.neurotheory.ox.ac.uk/~timv <http://www.neurotheory.ox.ac.uk/~timv>
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