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Dear all,

From 27 Nov. - 3 Dec. 2017, the 5th HBP School - Future Medicine will take place in Obergurgl, Austria, on the topic of Brain Disease Neuroscience: Influencing clinical diagnoses and treatments by data mining analysis- and modelling-driven neuroscience

Please find some general information about the event below and on our website: https://education.humanbrainproject.eu/web/5th-school/home

We are looking forward to receiving your applications!
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The Education Programme Office

Medical University Innsbruck (MUI)

Center of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Experimental Psychiatry Unit

Müllerstraße 59, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria

Phone Office: +43 512 9003 71245

Email: education at humanbrainproject.eu <mailto:education at humanbrainproject.eu>

 <>5th HBP School – Future Medicine <>
Brain Disease Neuroscience: Influencing clinical diagnoses and treatments by data mining analysis- and modelling-driven neuroscience


Obergurgl, Austria, 27 Nov. – 3 Dec. 2017





The availability of clinical, genomic, proteomic and neuroimaging data sets combined with recent advances in ICT, data mining and computational modelling makes it possible to uncover unique biological signatures of disease from multi-level descriptions of the brain. Medicine of the future will capitalise on these biological signatures of diseases for faster diagnosis, more accurate prognosis and leverage the discovery of mechanistic pathways for new types of drugs, novel treatments and ultimately personalised medicine.

The programme of the 5th HBP School combines lectures and practical sessions. In small groups, students will be working on a week-long project. Throughout the school, participants are encouraged to introduce new ideas and suggest original experimental techniques. Speakers will be available throughout the week to go into details of concepts, provide deeper insights, answer questions or help with specific group requests.


Programme structure


Discussion sessions

Hands-on tutorials and project sessions

Student lightning talks

Poster presentations

Social events 


Application for this school is open to the whole student community and early post-docs. Up to 40 applicants will be selected based on an academic decision by the Scientific Committee. Participants are required to submit an abstract on their current research with their application. Applications from young female investigators are highly encouraged.


Scientific Committee

Ferath Kherif | CHUV
Egidio D'Angelo | UNIPV
Alain Destexhe | CNRS 
Bogdan Draganski | CHUV
Viktor Jirsa | AMU
Mira Marcus-Kalish | TAU
Marcello Massimini | UMIL
Francesco Pavone | LENS


Organised by

HBP Education Programme Office


Upcoming deadlines

Application deadline: 4 September 2017


There is no registration fee. Accommodation will be provided.

Seven travel grants will be available upon request (European students only). Travel grant requests have to be sent to education at humanbrainproject.eu <mailto:education at humanbrainproject.eu?subject=Travel%20grant%20request%20-%202nd%20HBP%20Student%20Conference> prior to the application deadline.




HBP Education Programme Office

Medical University Innsbruck

Müllerstraße 59, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria

Phone: +43 512 9003 71240

E-mail: education at humanbrainproject.eu

Website: https://education.humanbrainproject.eu/web/5th-school/home <https://education.humanbrainproject.eu/web/5th-school/home>

Speakers and topics confirmed:


Anna Letizia Allegra Mascaro: Rehabilitation-induced cortical plasticity after stroke
LENS, Italy

Alain Destexhe: Epilepsy modelling – Cell level
CNRS, France

Giovanni Frisoni: Alzheimer's Disease Biomarkers
University of Geneva, Switzerland

Marc Goodfellow: Epilepsy modelling – System scale level
University of Exeter, UK

John Huguenard: Mouse models of epilepsy

Stanford University, USA

Spase Petkoski: Therapeutic approaches for stroke using large-scale brain network models
Aix-Marseille University, France

Mario Rosanova: Pathological sleep-like activity in cortical perilesional areas
University of Milan, Italy

Andreas Spiegler: Stimulation in large-scale connectome-based network models
Aix-Marseille University, France

Peter Taylor: Structural and functional connectivity-based macroscopic modelling in epilepsy
Newcastle University, UK


The venue

The 5th HBP School will take place at the Obergurgl University Center, which is located right next to the ski slopes and hiking trails and only five minutes’ walk from the village centre. It was founded in 1951 by the Obergurgl federal Sports Centre in cooperation with the Alpine Research Centre of the University of Innsbruck. Over the past decades, numerous renowned mountain guides, ski instructors, researchers and scientists gathered here to collaborate on major contributions to sports and science in the Alps.


Obergurgl is located in the Ötztal Alps in Tyrol, Austria, and part of the municipality of Sölden. The village is located 1,907 m (6,257 ft.) above sea level and is primarily a tourist resort with only about 400 permanent residents. Due to its remote location, it is very popular not only for tourists but also among scientists and researchers.



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