[Neuroinfo] LAST-MINUTE WORKSHOP OFFER: *SPM Starter* MAY 24-26 | *Brainstem fMRI (FSL)* MAY 28

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Wed May 3 15:07:41 CEST 2017

Dear colleagues,

<http://spmworkshop-hannover.de/index.php/spm-starter>*(MAY 24-26) and
fMRI WORKSHOP <http://spmworkshop-hannover.de/index.php/brainstem-fmri> *(MAY
28) in Hannover/Germany are only a couple of weeks away.

Following our core principle of learning by doing
<http://spmworkshop-hannover.de/index.php/konzept>, this year's workshops
will again be super hands-on: you will get right down to working on real
data to acquire both practical skills and the theoretical background necessary
to carry out basic data analyses. Cutting-edge teaching techniques make
these workshops both effective and fun!

Book now to be eligible for our LAST MINUTE OFFER and *save 10% on
each* *single
workshop* or *26% on the workshop package* (i.e. enroll in the SPM Starter
and only pay an extra €89 for the Brainstem fMRI Workshop).

To secure your spot please *follow this link*
our registration site.




SPM-Workshop TEAM

*SPM-Workshop Hannover*
*Learn how to do it! *

We'd love to hear from you!

Web <http://%20www.spmworkshop-hannover.de/>  |  Facebook
<https://www.facebook.com/spmworkshophannover>  |  Mail
<learnhowtodoit at gmail.com>
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