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Christopher Buckley C.L.Buckley at sussex.ac.uk
Mon May 8 21:12:51 CEST 2017

PhD Studentship: Distributed neural processing of self-generated visual input in a vertebrate brain

A PhD studentship in Computational and Systems Neuroscience is available in the groups of Dr Christopher L Buckley (Department of Informatics) and Prof. Leon Lagnado  (School of Life Sciences) at the University of Sussex from September 2017.

During movement, sensory input and motor output are bound in a closed-loop: motor actions shape sensory input and sensory inputs inform future motor commands. We will characterise the neural circuits involved in the interactions between the sensory and motor systems using light-sheet microscopy to image neural activity across the brain of live zebrafish in a virtual reality environment (Nature. 2013;493: 466–468).

The project will involve computational modeling and “big-data” analysis as well as experiments.  Appropriate backgrounds therefore include physical and computational science as well as neuroscience.  Experience with programming and a quantitative approach are essential.  More information about the project is available at https://tinyurl.com/kjtxoq9. Informal enquiries can be made to Chris Buckley<http://www.christopherlbuckley.com/> (c.l.buckley at sussex.ac.uk<mailto:c.l.buckley at sussex.ac.uk>) or Leon Lagnado<http://www.sussex.ac.uk/lifesci/lagnadolab/> (l.lagnado at sussex.ac.uk<mailto:l.lagnado at sussex.ac.uk>).

Sussex Neuroscience<http://www.sussex.ac.uk/sussexneuroscience>  is one of the foremost centers for Neuroscience research in the UK and the University of Sussex has a beautiful campus on the outskirts of the lively South Coast town of Brighton.

Application: Please apply through the post-graduate application system of the University of Sussex (http://www.sussex.ac.uk/study/apply). Please include a brief statement of your scientific interests and skills/experience in the mandatory “research proposal”, including how you would imagine your role in the project (max 2 pages) and include a full CV. Indicate Dr Christopher L Buckley as your preferred advisor and clearly state the title of the studentship.  When you apply, please send a copy of your application documents to c.l.buckley at sussex.ac.uk<mailto:c.l.buckley at sussex.ac.uk>.

Funding Notes

The studentship includes a three year stipend at a standard rate (currently £14,296 per annum) and, in addition, fees at the UK/EU rate. Since the studentship only covers fees at the UK/EU rate, overseas applicants are kindly requested to state in their application how they propose to cover the difference between UK/EU and overseas fees.


Applications will be considered on a rolling basis but candidates applying before 15 July can be sure to be considered.

Christopher L Buckley
Lecturer in Neural Computation
University of Sussex
Department of Informatics
Sussex Neuroscience
Brighton, UK
email: c.l.buckley at sussex.ac.uk<mailto:c.l.buckley at sussex.ac.uk>
twitter: @drclbuckley

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