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Prof. Dr. Gordon Pipa officeninf at uos.de
Wed Apr 25 14:17:12 CEST 2018

The Institute of Cognitive Science (University Osnabrueck ) is seeking to
appoint an Junior Professor in Cognitive Computing. 

You can find more details here:

The professorship will be tightly interlinked with the DFG research training
group on “Computational Cognition” which Osnabrück University has applied
for, and specifically related to the research fields “From Signals to
Symbols and Back: Neural Representations and Learning” and “Symbolic
Thought: Processes on Uncertain and Incomplete Representations”, and will
strengthen the profile in the domain of big data science and machine
learning. The work will be inspired by deep neuronal networks and modern
machine learning techniques. A transfer to applications is welcome. A strong
link to cognitive science is essential. This may include cognitive
architectures, multi-agent systems, human machine interactions, and
neuro-inspired learning. She/he is particularly expected to collaborate with
more than one of the existing work groups that are closely related to the
fields of processing visual data, machine learning, knowledge
representation, and (neuro-) cognitive aspects of language.

Feel free to get in touch with me to get further information.

Best Gordon

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