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Niels Janssen . njanssen at ull.edu.es
Tue Sep 10 15:40:20 CEST 2019

 A post-doctoral position is open in the laboratory of Brain Imaging (Head
PI: Prof. Niels Janssen) within the Institutes for Biomedical Technologies
and Neurosciences at the University of La Laguna in Tenerife, Spain.

The postdoc would be involved in a project focused on studying the brain’s
vascular system in normal and abnormal aging using MRI, neuropsychology and
genetic data. We are looking for a candidate with the following

1. A PhD in a related field (e.g., biomedical sciences, neuropsychology,
informatics, etc).
2. Experience with the analysis of neuro-imaging data
3. Good computer and analytical skills
4. Proficiency with English speaking and writing

The candidate will join an international and multidisciplinary group of
researchers interested in vascular contributions to cognitive impairment
and dementia (VCID).

The position is fully funded in the context of projects on high resolution
fMRI imaging of the hippocampus and supported by grants from the Spanish
Ministry of Science and Universities (PSI2017-84933-P and

The position is for a period of 1 year (starting in january 2020) and is
renewable for a second year.

Interested candidates should send their application, including a CV to
Prof. Niels Janssen at njanssen at ull.es. This is an on-going call,
candidates that already applied do not need to re-apply.

Niels Janssen
Brain Imaging Laboratory
Institute of Biomedical Technologies
Institute of Neurosciences
University of La Laguna
Tenerife, Spain
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