[Neuroinfo] Labvanced.com New Eye-Tracking Cutting Edge Technology

Leah Lee leahlee99999 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 13:09:59 CEST 2020


Hello everyone,

Labvanced <https://www.labvanced.com/>has just released a cutting edge 
deep learning based eye tracking algorithm, which we believe is better 
than anything available in the market today.

With the Labvanced <http://www.labvanced.com>eye tracking software 
participants’ regular webcam is used in combination with advanced 
machine learning techniques to provide high accuracy gaze data.

What makes Labvanced <http://www.labvanced.com>different from other eye 
tracking software?

Labvanced <http://www.labvanced.com>is not only an eye tracking 
software, but labvanced <http://www.labvanced.com>provides a total 
solution for your psychological or UX study, and that means:

1-Cutting edge eye tracking software is better than anything available 
in the market today.

2-Great and easy to use interface even complex studies.

3- Over 25 stimuli types and more than 200 templates free to use

(Videos- Images- Audio- Text- Questionnaires- Websites- YouTube) and 
many more

4- Audio and video recording of the participant.

5- Games and Multi-users studies.

6- Crowdsourcing.

And many more state-of-the-art features

Labvanced <http://www.labvanced.com>is easy to use with no need to code. 
So why do you waste your time writing complex code or using multiple 
software tools to build your study?

We are confident that our eye tracking algorithms’ accuracy is good 
enough for 80-90 % of research questions, and with thelabvanced 
<http://www.labvanced.com>online study builder, you can build your study 
smoothly and in no time.

If you want to check out our new cutting edge eye tracking software, we 
have several demo studies in our library :


    https://www.labvanced.com/page/library/11099This is a performance
    test where the predicted gaze position will be displayed onto the
    screen, so you can test how good the prediction really is.


    https://www.labvanced.com/page/library/11327This is a little game
    where you have to fixate objects to "destroy" them before they reach
    the bottom of the screen.

If you have any questions about our new Eye-Tracking technology, or if 
you are interested to use our platform, please email me, we will also be 
happy to provide a free demo via Google Meet at your convenience.

Best regards,

Leah Lee

Labvanced <http://www.labvanced.com> - The intuitive cloud solution for 
online experiments

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33102 Paderborn

phone: (+49) 5251-5449385
website: www.labvanced.com <http://www.labvanced.com/>
email: leah at labvanced.com <mailto:leah at labvanced.com>

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Geschäftsführer: Caspar Goeke, Holger Finger
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