[Neuroinfo] Call for papers: Neuroinformatics special issue "Building the NeuroCommons"

Helena Ledmyr helena at incf.org
Fri May 22 11:30:26 CEST 2020

Neuroinformatics is currently soliciting submissions for a special issue
called "Building the NeuroCommons - research and commentary on how
neuroscience is becoming open and FAIR". Submissions due *July 31 2020*.

As neuroscience increasingly defines and adopts FAIR,  the act of
publishing in neuroscience will not only serve to communicate new research
but drive the population of a robust, more data- and resource-driven
ecosystem - the NeuroCommons - on which to build further findings.

This special, open-access, issue of Neuroinformatics is dedicated to
building the NeuroCommons and will include articles that embody the
principles of open and FAIR neuroscience:

   - FAIRification of neuroscience data, tools and other research objects:
   What does it take to move neuroscience closer to the ideal of FAIR?
   - Using public data to drive discovery science
   - Research infrastructure for neuroscience and how it supports open and
   FAIR neuroscience
   - Standards-based neuroscience.  When and where have standards been
   effective?  What have we learned about creating standards and gaining
   adoption? Where are they lacking?
   - Perspectives and commentary on the concept of the NeuroCommons, e.g.,
   what will it take for neuroscience to become a data-driven discipline based
   on pools of open research data?  What are challenges and opportunities?
   Where have there been successes?

More information and submission at

All the best
Helena Ledmyr, PhD

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