[Neuroinfo] Brain Connectivity Workshop 2021

Tanya Brown tbrown at research.baycrest.org
Wed Nov 11 17:38:52 CET 2020

[image: BCW 2021] <https://bcw-2021.com/>

After careful deliberation, and based on the latest public health authority
information on COVID-19,
along with swirling uncertainties regarding travel and gatherings, we have
to host the next Brain Connectivity  <https://bcw-2021.com/>Workshop
<https://bcw-2021.com/> online. We are pleased to
announce that it has been rescheduled for *MAY 25-28, 2021. *We aim to make
this event
accessible and inclusive and the timing of the schedule will aim to satisfy
a global audience.

Registration is Now Open <https://bcw-2021.com/register>
**Spots are limited in order to facilitate discussion throughout the

This year we will revisit that primordial theme from a different
perspective: *"What does the mind think of the brain?"* focusing
the discussions around what we have learned about our mind over the last 20
years of brain connectomics. The topics will focus on
*consciousness and cognition*, looking at the tripartite relationship
between anatomical connectivity, brain dynamics and cognitive function.


**in alphabetical order**
|     Dani Bassett      |     Gustavo Deco     |     Athena Demertzi
|     Andreea Diaconescu      |     Lisa Feldman Barrett      |     Emily
Finn      |     Karl Friston      |
|     Mike Halassa      |     Biyu Jade He      |     Sean Hill      |
 Viktor Jirsa      |     Michael Mack      |     Randy McIntosh      |
 Bratislav Misic      |
|     Rosalyn Moran      |     Petra Ritter      |     Mac Shine      |
 Enzo Tagliazucchi      |     Giulio Tononi       |      Brandon Turner

Please check the BCW website <https://bcw-2021.com/> for more details about
the *program* and *speakers* <https://bcw-2021.com/details>.

*REGISTER TODAY* <https://bcw-2021.com/register>

We hope you can join us, along with leaders in the field of brain

      The BCW 2021 Organizers

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