[Neuroinfo] Assistant Professorin Computational Neuroscience (W1) with tenure track option (to W2) - Institute of Cognitive Science, Osnabrueck

Prof. Pipa gpipa at uos.de
Fri Nov 20 12:11:59 CET 2020

The School of Human Sciences at Osnabrück University seeks to appoint, at
the Institute of Cognitive Science, an Assistant Professor (m/f/d) in
Computational Neuroscience at the earliest possible date.

This tenure-track Professorship is funded by the German Federal Government
under its Program for the Promotion of Young Academics (Tenure-Track

Research experience in the field of experimental and computer aided Human
Cognitive Neuroscience, proven by a publication record in recognized
scientific journals is expected. Further, on the theoretical side,
significant experience in training and analysing deep neural networks as
models of brain functions is required. Experimental work should cover a
variety of methods, including, e.g., EEG, MEG, fMRI, TMS and Eyetracking,
combined with advanced analysis by machine learning methods. Research should
be in the area of experimental and computer aided Cognitive Neuroscience.
The professorship complements and cooperates with the existing research
groups of the Institute of Cognitive Science at Osnabrück University.
Further, the holder of the position should actively contribute to existing
and future collaborative research projects (currently, the RTG Situated
Cognition, RTG Computational Cognition, and SIDDATA) and should participate
in the respective continuation research proposals. In addition, the
professorship should represent the complete range of the subject in both
research and teaching in all degree programs of Cognitive Science (BSc, MSc,
PhD). Teaching is in English.

Osnabrück University is a certified family-friendly university and is
committed to helping working/studying parents balance their family and
working lives. Osnabrück University is actively seeking to increase the
number of female Professors in its employ. Applications from women are
therefore particularly welcome.

You can find more information here. 

For further information, please contact Prof. Dr Gordon Pipa,  E-Mail:
gpipa at uni-osnabrueck.de.

Please submit your application by January 03, 2021
(bewerbungfb08 at uni-osnabrueck.de enter the code word "CN" in the subject of
your e-mail )

We look forward to receiving your application.
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