[Neuroinfo] Frontiers Research Topic on “Neuroinformatics of Large-Scale Brain Modelling”: Now accepting submissions

Padraig Gleeson p.gleeson at ucl.ac.uk
Mon Feb 1 19:39:56 CET 2021

Dear all,

We are excited to announce an upcoming Research Topic, jointly within 
Frontiers in Neuroinformatics and Frontiers in Computational 
Neuroscience, on “Neuroinformatics of Large-Scale Brain Modelling”.

This Research Topic will document the various ways in which 
neuroinformatics approaches are being applied in large-scale brain 
modelling, informing readers on both established practices and emerging 
techniques. We seek Original Research, Review, Mini-Review, Hypothesis 
and Theory, Perspective, and Opinion articles that cover, but are not 
limited to, the following topics:

- Ontologies, systems, and tools for definition and specification of 
large-scale neural models
- New approaches to parameter optimization, parameter space exploration, 
and systematic tracking of simulation behaviour across parameter 
- Informing neural models with genetic and multi-omic data from 
large-scale databases and individual patients/subjects
- Systematic computational modelling studies on large numbers of 
subjects, and/or using large-scale open-access datasets (HCP, ABCD, etc.)
- ‘Hybrid’ modelling schemes that combine mean-field with spiking 
network models
- ‘Hybrid’ approaches to defining connectivity in large-scale brain 
models (e.g. supplementing tractography with microscopy data for 
higher-resolution subcortical connectivity structure)
- Simulations using high-resolution neuroanatomical data from 
initiatives such as BigBrain, Allen Institute, etc.
- ‘High-density’ (large number of regions; small parcels) 
connectome-based neural mass modelling
- Other neuroinformatics challenges and solutions in large-scale brain 
- Comparisons between detailed spiking/morphological simulations and 
neural mass model simulations
- Comparisons between models based on high-resolution and low-resolution 
Allen atlas connectivities

Full details can be found on the research topic webpage at: 

If you are considering submitting, please submit an abstract by *Fri 26 
Feb 2021*. Deadline for submission of full manuscripts is *Fri 30th July 

We look forward to your hearing from you and sharing this exciting work 
with the community.

Your Research Topic co-editors,

John Griffiths
Padraig Gleeson
Kelly Shen

Padraig Gleeson
Room 321, Anatomy Building
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University College London
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United Kingdom

+44 207 679 3214
p.gleeson at ucl.ac.uk

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