[Neuroinfo] [OFC 2019] Deadline approaching for submitting/registering to the Orbitofrontal and cognition meeting, 13-15 Nov 2019, Paris

Mehdi Khamassi mehdi.khamassi at upmc.fr
Sat Oct 5 16:25:32 CEST 2019

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Dear colleagues,

A quick email to inform you that, in addition to registration, poster 
submission is now open for the 4^th Quadrennial Meeting on Orbitofrontal 
Cortex Function (OFC 2019). The meeting will be held at the ICM in 
Paris, France, November 13-15, 2019.The goal of this meeting is to 
review some of the work relevant to functions of this area over the past 
4 years and to highlight future trends.The conference will include 5 
sessions, culminating in the final session that will highlight 
orbitofrontal-hippocampal interactions:

/Special recognition:The organizers dedicate this meeting to Dr Howard 
Eichenbaum in recognition of his magnificent spirit, unstinting 
generosity to the field, and his landmark contributions to our 
understanding of how the brain organizes information and guides behavior.//

Susanne Ahmari, University of Pittsburgh
Lauren Atlas, NCCIH, NIH
Tim Behrens, Oxford University, UCL
Erie Boorman, UC Davis
Lesley Fellows, McGill University
Jay Gottfried, University of Pennsylvania
Christina Gremel, UCSD
Stephanie Groman, Yale University
Alicia Izquierdo, UCLA
Thorsten Kahnt, Northwestern University School of Medicine
Steve Kennerley, UCL
Mehdi Khamassi, CNRS / Sorbonne University
Miriam Klein-Flügge, Oxford University
Masayuki Matsumoto, University of Tsukuba
Vincent McGinty, Rutgers University
Betsy Murray, NIMH
Yael Niv, Princeton University
John O’Doherty, Caltech
Camillo Padoa-Schioppa, Washington University
Shauna Parkes, University of Bordeaux
Mathias Pessiglione, ICM, INSERM
Alison Preston, UT Austin
Erin Rich, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Peter Rudebeck, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Daniela Schiller, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Geoffrey Schoenbaum, NIDA
Matthew Shapiro, Albany Medical College
Joni Wallis, UC Berkeley
Kate Wassum, UCLA
Catharine Winstanley, UBC
Tianming Yang, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences

Oct 13, 2019 Deadline for Poster Submission (Midnight, Paris time)
Oct 20, 2019 Notification of Poster Acceptance
Oct 31, 2019 Deadline for Registration
Nov 13-15, 2019 Meeting Venue

Geoffrey Schoenbaum, NIDA
Jay Gottfried, University of Pennsylvania
Betsy Murray, NIMH
Mathias Pessiglione, ICM, INSERM
Mehdi Khamassi, CNRS / Sorbonne University

Roeland Heerema, Teddy Landron, Elodie Levy, ICM, INSERM / Sorbonne 

Website, registration, poster submission and detailed program:
Contact: ofc2019 [at] sciencesconf.org

with thanks & best wishes

OFC 2019 organisers
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