[Neuroinfo] SISSA - Trieste (Italy): 2 Postdocs and 1 Project Manager positions available

Michele Giugliano michele.giugliano at sissa.it
Fri Oct 11 18:03:39 CEST 2019

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2 Post-doctoral positions and 1 Project Manager position are available at the newly established Neural Dynamics Laboratory of the International School of Advanced Studies (SISSA) of Trieste, Italy (http://phdneurobiology.sissa.it/eng/faculty/michele-giugliano.aspx <http://phdneurobiology.sissa.it/eng/faculty/michele-giugliano.aspx>).

The positions are funded for up to 42 months on a new EC-Horizon 2020 initiative called "Ionic Neuromodulation For Epilepsy Treatment (IN-FET)", combining neurobiology, nanotechnologies, electrochemistry, and electronics together for designing a breakthrough novel technology in brain modulation.

The research positions aim to experimentally validate novel routes for cellular and microcircuit stimulation or suppression, in collaboration with a consortium of partners which includes IBM Research Zurich, the University of Geneva, the University of Sheffield, and the Inter-university consortium for Nanoelectronics. We search for experts in in vitro electrophysiology (substrate-integrated microelectrode arrays) and patch-clamp recordings (dissociated cell cultures, acute and organotypic brain tissue slices) with a strong background in quantitative data analysis and a strong interest for interdisciplinary research.

The Project Manager position aims at supporting the organization, dissemination, and reporting activities in the context of EC-funded project and partially at supporting scientific software development. We search for candidates with previous experience in management of H2020 project, and fluent with the reporting EC online platform (e.g. Participant Portal) who might also be interested in providing partial support for content management of a web site as well as for scientific software applications development.

Please direct informal inquiries, a CV and a brief statement of interest, to Prof. Michele GIUGLIANO (michele.giugliano AT sissa.it)
Direct application soon available from the SISSA's website: https://www.sissa.it/recruitment <https://www.sissa.it/recruitment>

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