[Neuroinfo] Request for user stories about challenges in computational reproducibility

Andrew Davison andrew.davison at cnrs.fr
Wed Oct 21 13:57:38 CEST 2020

Dear colleagues,

The CURE-FAIR working group of the Research Data Alliance focuses on curation practices that support computational reproducibility and FAIR principles. The ultimate objective is to improve FAIR-ness and long-term usability of “reproducible file bundles” across domains.
The working group is currently gathering user stories to better understand the particular challenges for all those who are involved in making computational reproducibility possible or attempting computational reproducibility. The goal is to provide a set of guidelines for preparing materials to better achieve this.

We invite you to submit your pain-point stories relating to computational reproducibility by using this short form <https://forms.gle/R1MSBL5jQgkgXPTn7>.
The form will remain open until the end of October. Please pass on the link (forms.gle/R1MSBL5jQgkgXPTn7 <http://forms.gle/R1MSBL5jQgkgXPTn7>) to anyone who you think may be interested.



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