[Neuroinfo] Join us at the NMC 3.0 conference, Oct 26-30, submissions open now

Brad Wyble bwyble at gmail.com
Sun Sep 27 06:43:26 CEST 2020

Dear Neuroscience Community,

We are excited to announce the launch of Neuromatch Conference (Oct 26-30).
The Neuromatch team has been working hard to bring a virtual conference
that accepts submissions from all areas of neuroscience, and where all
relevant submissions are accepted as a talk! Our goal with this conference
is to provide a place where neuroscientists from all over the world get to
share research ideas and come together as a community! We’re working hard
to make it the most inclusive neuroscience meeting that has ever existed.

The deadline for submissions is October 2, 2020, so we encourage you to get
your abstracts ready now! There is a $25 registration fee but this is
waivable (no validation required) for anyone who cannot pay to attend for
any reason. Please view our website for more information regarding
submission and registration: neuromatch.io


The conference will be organized by themes, tailored to fit your area of
research best. These themes will be:

Theme A: Developmental Disorders and Injury

Theme B: Excitability, Synapses, and Glia

Theme C: Sensory & Motor Systems, and Physiology & Behavior

Theme D: Cognition, Motivation and Emotion

Theme E: Computation and Techniques

Theme F: History, Education, and Society

We developed algorithms that will allow us to place you in a virtual room
with other scientists and attendees who are interested in similar topics,
therefore ensuring an audience that is excited about your talk. The talks
will have two formats, and you will be able to choose which one you prefer


   Traditional Talk: 12-minute talk plus 3-minute Q&A

   Interactive Talk: 5-minute talk plus 10-minute Q&A (this talk is focused
   on discussion)

We hope that you will attend the Neuromatch Conference and consider
submitting your abstract for presentation! We would love to hear from you
and see everyone’s latest results..

Best wishes,

The Neuromatch Team

Please follow our social media and visit our website for regular updates

@Neuromatch <https://twitter.com/neuromatch?lang=en>

@Neuromatch <https://www.instagram.com/neuromatch/>

Brad Wyble
Associate Professor
Psychology Department
Penn State University

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